Equestrian Sports Therapy

Exercise assessments including Trot up/lunging or being ridden.

Why should I have my horse treated?

Accidents, illness/fatigue and injuries.

Inexperienced or unbalanced riding.

Poor conformation, foot balance or problems with teeth.

History of poor fitting tack.

Travels badly, or gets stressed in many situations.

Old age, balance issues or Stiffness.

New unusual changed behaviour, ie bucking, rearing, bolting, biting or kicking.

Tension, muscle soreness rejection to being groomed or tacked up.

Horses with any lameness or injury should be investigated by their veterinary practice before booking.

What happens on the first visit?

A thorough case history is taken with a discussion on goals. Following this a visual and passive movement assessment and any problems, instabilities or pain will be noted. Depending on findings, treatment will take place to help take care of any immediate discomfort. After this a discussion and treatment plan for further sessions that may be needed will take place.

How long are the sessions?

Initially the first session is 1hr to allow for a thorough assessment.

Follow ups will be 1hr and then reduced to 45 minutes once the problems have improved.

Sports massage maintenance sessions can be booked for either 30mins, 45mins or 1hr.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
Horse and House Visits 9am till 1pm

Clinic 1pm till 8pm

Thursday 1pm till 6pm

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