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After completing my education, I immersed myself in the world of Event horses in Ireland, fueling my passion for competitive horse events. Over the course of 15 years, I honed my skills, ensuring the horses were primed for competition, hunting, and events. My expertise extended across various disciplines, working with dressage horses, showjumpers, eventers, hunters, and high-level working hunter ponies.

In 2012, my focus shifted towards rehabilitation, a newfound passion that led me to collaborate with horses and ponies from diverse disciplines. Under the guidance of Mary Bromley, a highly respected physiotherapist, I acquired my Equine qualifications. To further enhance my skill set, I pursued Human massage qualifications, requiring a return to college and subsequent studies in London to obtain my Remedial Sports treatments Diplomas.

I collaborated with esteemed osteopaths, physiotherapists, and veterinarians, gaining invaluable experience in the field. With my sports therapy qualification, I ventured into working with various sports athletes and local sports clubs. This included a notable association with the TriSudbury triathlon club, where I encountered a spectrum of injuries associated with the sport. Despite the challenges, I embraced a transition from equestrian sports to triathlon, delving into swimming, biking, and running. Navigating this shift demanded considerable effort to rehabilitate old injuries, culminating in reaching the half iron man distance. Presently, I find immense joy in ongoing training and the multifaceted world of sports.

"I love helping people so my main passion now is to do what ever it takes to help people and their horses to achieve their goals whatever they may be working towards. Whether it’s from managing pain to do daily tasks through to more demanding activities in work or their chosen sport."

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