DB Sports Therapy

Human and Equine remedial Sports therapist

“Don’t let pain and discomfort rule your life! It can be worrying and effect every day activities. Take control and find out the best way to get back to your goals with help from DB Sports Therapy.” Treatments available for you or your horse! Human and Equine Remedial Sports therapies.

ITEC Equine Sports Diploma / BTEC 5 Remedial sports treatments Diploma

For you..

  • Pain and injury management.
  • Sports and remedial massage.
  • Sports treatments and exercise therapy.
  • Rehab plans to suit your goals.
  • Exercise help in our local gym.

For your horse…

  • Exercise assessments including Trot up/lunging or being ridden.
  • Sports and remedial massage and stretching.
  • Sports treatments and exercise therapy.
  • Exercises to support the current goals or problems found on assessment.
  • Happy to work alongside vets or other professionals with rehabilitation.
I love helping people so my main passion now is to do what ever it takes to help people and their horses to achieve their goals whatever they may be working towards. Whether it’s from managing pain to do daily tasks through to more demanding activities in work or their chosen sport.

About Me

My main working background started working with Event horses in Ireland as soon as I left school. This was my main passion to event and work with competition horses. I gained a fantastic 15 years worth of experience keeping the horses on track to compete/hunt and event. I’ve worked with dressage horses, showjumpers, eventers, hunters and working hunter ponies to a high level. In 2012 my real passion for rehab took over and I had a wonderful opportunity to work alongside Hannah Koeller, a registered Human and Equine osteopath, gaining valuable experience with horse and rider rehab for the following 10 years. We worked with horses and ponies from all disciplines. I gained my Equine qualifications with Mary Bromley a very well respected physiotherapist. My Human massage qualifications required me to go back to college and then onto London gaining my Remedial Sports treatments Diplomas. I then worked with many different types of sports athletes and local sports clubs, including Trisudbury triathlon club gaining valuable experience with most injuries associated with the sport, as well as trying to compete myself. Turning my sport from riding into swimming, biking and running was a difficult transition to change sports and a lot of work to rehabilitate old injuries has taken place!! Ive managed to get up to half iron man distance and still thoroughly enjoying all the training now.


I am registered with the SMA (sports massage association) and ESMA (Equine Sports Massage) Association and fully insured. I keep up to date with CPD hours for both organisations keeping up to date. My most recent CPD progressions have been with the Prosport Academy run by Physio David O Sullivan, working hard on my rehabilitation knowledge and have completed the Go To Therapist Mentorship and currently a member of the Mastery. My clinic room is located at Long Melford Osteopaths. My local gym I use for rehab sessions is Everest gym in Sudbury. I travel to Equine clients and can take a travel bench for riders.

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